See First

I am as of current a 24 year old born again believer living in Toledo, Ohio. I am a Maumee High School and University of Toledo graduate (T-O-L) with my degree in Marketing Entreprenuership! I have done everything from work for a television station, intern at a food start-up, to even be an Uber driver.

I personally love Toledo and I hope through reading some of my posts you will too!

My core belief is that Jesus Christ is lord and the savior of this world. He came to Earth (born of a virgin mother), lived a perfect life and voluntarily sacrificed his life so we could have eternal life with his father God in Heaven.

In regards to politics I apply my Christian beliefs to every aspect of my core philosophy. I believe in individual rights that are God given not government granted. I believe strongly in the non-aggression principle where you should never agress upon another individual without proper reason (defense of yourself, property or a loved one). Finally I believe government is in most all cases inefficient and a hindrance to  the forces of the market and should only be allowed to do the very minimal tasks delegates to it by the US constitution, state constitutions, or local charters.

Honestly why would you not love Toledo? Toledo has pretty nice weather, friendly people and a great History. Toledo just needs a little help so the phrase “You Will Do Better In Toledo” is 100% true and not just a wishful ego boost.

Toledo is my hometown. Where I was raised and where my family and friends live. There is no way I couldn’t love it.