My name is Ron Johns and I have lived in Toledo all my life and graduated from Maumee High School in 2010. From there I moved on to The University of Toledo where I graduated in 2014 majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. At the University of Toledo I lead the campus’ local Young Americans for Liberty chapter as President , wrote for the local college newspaper;  The Independent Collegian and for the most part went to class.

I am very active in my church, The Church On Strayer. Where I serve as a church intern, a Sunday school teacher and in the intercessory prayer ministry. If you’d ever like to come to church with me please just say so and I’ll leave a seat open.

Politically, I was deeply involved in Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential Campaign with his Youth for Ron Paul movement. In addition I also volunteered for a few other Republican and Libertarian politicians most notably with Gary Johnson where I helped work sound at an event with over 300 people present.

I am currently an account manager for an online food ordering company and in the past have been a server, sales associate and even a DJ. Now that I have graduated from college I plan to find a job in marketing or sales and someday found my own business.

Ron Johns